Employment: Developed or developing nation?

It’s very hectic to seek  employed in the Present world. Candidates after pursuing certain degree runs here and there to get posted in some position. Whether it’s a developed or developing Country the issue is same everywhere. To be placed as a  degree holder is very easy but when we plan to make it practical, is really hard. But daily through the ad and other social media we could view many job opportunity but while we apply for it, no result comes there after. Some people say, it’s all depends on our time. Time makes each one, where to go and what to do? I personally had an experience with one of my brother who was seeking job in civil field. Nowadays we could consultancy has the main hold over different company. They would have a tie up each other. While the candidate register somewhere, they talk of different rules like , registration fee, interview fee, verification fee and so on..  In my opinion I view these team come under the category of business gain. Sometimes company may not have direct bond with consultancy and latter may take in the name of it. These are all legally punishable I may say. So govt must take some initiative against them.



Each person has got a right to choose their own life. It’s their personality to decide what is right and which is wrong? We can give or advice a person, but the ultimate decision comes from their mind. No individual is fully right. It never happens. Without their knowledge something goes wrong somewhere. And there are people around who doesn’t accept their faults and blame on others for every reason. They must be Mr.clean all the time. I don’t support for those people. To advice it’s very easy, but before that , they should know their demerits. We can’t change our personality all the time. Each one has got an attitude and concept towards life and would act on their ideas. So free people without oppressing their personality. But I am not fully saying advice doesn’t change a personality.  It may or in certain situations we must. Because people are there who does wrong way and hurt others like doing all negative quality. For those people advice is essential. But not sure it would give better results. Anyway keep your personality within yourself and never feel shy or hide infront of others.

A cloudy day

Today it seems so cloudy and feels some nostalgia. We ourselves  would feel during raining. Then what about children while going school. But children enjoys it. They like to play during rain. During my childhood everyday I used to get scolding from my papa and mama. I feel so lazy  and sleepy during rain.

                But now I turns to be nostalgic during raining. Sometimes I recover my past days whom I missed in my life or who left us and gone some other world. Don’t know whether  everyone would have same feelings. I would enjoy the smell of mud while raining. Those fragrance gives some divine blessings. It’s raining now. Let me involve it.

     Have a nice day.

Reservation haunts students for admission 

Now it’s the time where students gets into new academic studies. Students after attaining 80% can’t even get into a college due to reservation. Reservation are allotted for all backward castes. But if a student from poor family is  categorised as “General quota” , then he/ she may not get seat in a merit quota. This system must be avoided in the Indian govt system. How many students are sitting idle at home without get proper admission to a reputed college. Really it gives mental tension to the growing generation.