Each person has got a right to choose their own life. It’s their personality to decide what is right and which is wrong? We can give or advice a person, but the ultimate decision comes from their mind. No individual is fully right. It never happens. Without their knowledge something goes wrong somewhere. And there are people around who doesn’t accept their faults and blame on others for every reason. They must be Mr.clean all the time. I don’t support for those people. To advice it’s very easy, but before that , they should know their demerits. We can’t change our personality all the time. Each one has got an attitude and concept towards life and would act on their ideas. So free people without oppressing their personality. But I am not fully saying advice doesn’t change a personality.  It may or in certain situations we must. Because people are there who does wrong way and hurt others like doing all negative quality. For those people advice is essential. But not sure it would give better results. Anyway keep your personality within yourself and never feel shy or hide infront of others.


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