Alcoholism a big harm to life expectancy

  1. Lead to several diseases.
  2. Domestic and sexual abuse.
  3. Dependent on alcohol.
  4. Problem to family, society, work place etc.
  5. Lose of control of their life.
  6. Low self-esteem.
  7. Heavy and unmoderated drinking make them as alcoholic person.
  8. Pay way to consume harder drugs.
  9. Underage drinking causes teen suicide.
  10. At the end lose life with big sign out.


    To share your pain, to love your heart, to care your mind; you may need a relation. Its not a sudden decision to be taken. First we need to evaluate ourselves whether he/she fit with me. After that share and convey all the things, even its a film joke. Interact and communicate with each other until you feel 99% can be given to the other one. But it shouldn’t be never named alone as Romance. It’s not romance alone, you are selecting a person who should be with you life long. So if you are perfectly comfortable only move a step forward. Otherwise withdraw from where you are standing. It may create little pain firstly, but later on your mind itself speaks it was the right decision. Never hide anything from your partner. Be open and frank first itself. Then later on you will never feel hesitation towards him/her. So select a relation with fully fledged mind. You would definitely win your life.

    Unforgettable incident that haunts all

    Everyone would come across one or more unforgettable incident in their life. Truly speaking I too crossed that phase in my life. Once I was going for a shopping with my family. On the way a women carrying a baby and standing side to footpath. Suddenly signal turned red from our side and we wait at there few minutes. By that time woman came and begged infront of us. We know there is no use of giving money to lady and she won’t getting it. So we gave a biscuit pack to that baby. Immediately after that signal opened and we crossed the road. While passing I just turned back and have seen that she exchanging the baby to someone and having the biscuit herself . Baby was highly screaming and other women slapped at the kid. Really I felt so tensed against that scene. That really haunted us a lot. I too have a baby of same age. There after I never give away anything if I see someone. Because people are taking baby as a weapon for their gain. But whom we talk these things . Neither govt nor public taking any initiative to control these kind of people. How many young ones are losing of their life due to poverty? Really disappointing.

    Feeling of separation

    When a person becomes so close and intimate with us, we may share everything with them. A feeling of protection and care we receive from them. May be our mind and soul gets tension free if such personality comes to us. Anything under the sun may discuss with them. Happiness, pain, sorrow, whatever might be, conveyed to them. And suddenly one day it stopped. What would happen? May be we miss ourselves. A feeling of loneliness, desp, hatred within ourselves. We miss them and sometimes those missing may show to them with hatred. Constantly we ourself behave rude to all. Their loss of presence kills us mentally. Sometimes thereafter we may not trust anyone and feel anger to everyone. Unfortunately their appearance makes us mad. Separation is such a great and danger stage where life’s half part would be dead.

    Celebrations becomes a part of life

    Whatever enjoys together becomes a celebration for each one. Whether it’s a birthday, marriage ,house warming or any harmony, family together enjoys. Arranging feast, doing shopping, inviting guests all becomes a festival for people. Professionals may apply for leave 10 days before inspite of celebrations. Different culture follow different customs and does their way of celebration. Really life is thrilled during these days and family together shares all love and harmony with each other. Those days our house becomes a home of freshness filled with love and laughter. Never miss such days and be a part of all celebrations by forgetting full official matter. Life is too short , so enjoy one and all together.

    Human: A social animal

    People express different faces at various situations. Character interprets their personality. Reality comes within them only when they flow through that way. Until then they would be a wild being to everyone. Don’t be a Mr.clean always but try to be one of them by serving with others. We walk through many problems while living in a society. But overcome without falling down with your power. Never fail in life. Be a social animal and view others problem as like yours. Life is filled with both happiness and sorrow. Show and respect everyone equally and stay United always.

    Employment: Developed or developing nation?

    It’s very hectic to seek  employed in the Present world. Candidates after pursuing certain degree runs here and there to get posted in some position. Whether it’s a developed or developing Country the issue is same everywhere. To be placed as a  degree holder is very easy but when we plan to make it practical, is really hard. But daily through the ad and other social media we could view many job opportunity but while we apply for it, no result comes there after. Some people say, it’s all depends on our time. Time makes each one, where to go and what to do? I personally had an experience with one of my brother who was seeking job in civil field. Nowadays we could consultancy has the main hold over different company. They would have a tie up each other. While the candidate register somewhere, they talk of different rules like , registration fee, interview fee, verification fee and so on..  In my opinion I view these team come under the category of business gain. Sometimes company may not have direct bond with consultancy and latter may take in the name of it. These are all legally punishable I may say. So govt must take some initiative against them.