Each person has got a right to choose their own life. It’s their personality to decide what is right and which is wrong? We can give or advice a person, but the ultimate decision comes from their mind. No individual is fully right. It never happens. Without their knowledge something goes wrong somewhere. And there are people around who doesn’t accept their faults and blame on others for every reason. They must be Mr.clean all the time. I don’t support for those people. To advice it’s very easy, but before that , they should know their demerits. We can’t change our personality all the time. Each one has got an attitude and concept towards life and would act on their ideas. So free people without oppressing their personality. But I am not fully saying advice doesn’t change a personality.  It may or in certain situations we must. Because people are there who does wrong way and hurt others like doing all negative quality. For those people advice is essential. But not sure it would give better results. Anyway keep your personality within yourself and never feel shy or hide infront of others.


A cloudy day

Today it seems so cloudy and feels some nostalgia. We ourselves  would feel during raining. Then what about children while going school. But children enjoys it. They like to play during rain. During my childhood everyday I used to get scolding from my papa and mama. I feel so lazy  and sleepy during rain.

                But now I turns to be nostalgic during raining. Sometimes I recover my past days whom I missed in my life or who left us and gone some other world. Don’t know whether  everyone would have same feelings. I would enjoy the smell of mud while raining. Those fragrance gives some divine blessings. It’s raining now. Let me involve it.

     Have a nice day.

Reservation haunts students for admissionĀ 

Now it’s the time where students gets into new academic studies. Students after attaining 80% can’t even get into a college due to reservation. Reservation are allotted for all backward castes. But if a student from poor family is  categorised as “General quota” , then he/ she may not get seat in a merit quota. This system must be avoided in the Indian govt system. How many students are sitting idle at home without get proper admission to a reputed college. Really it gives mental tension to the growing generation. 

Child labour: A big offence

Child labour means the practice  of children below the age of 14 employing in various industries and production field. It’s really a serious social problem facing in almost every developing countries.  Children were used in various production and make profit out of it. The main 

objective behind is to increase the income of family and to minimise production cost of labours in various sectors. According to succession of law, an act was passed by U.K. govt namely “Factory Act”in 19th cen based upon child labour and declared that children below nine were not allowed to work in any field of production. But still there is no change anywhere. Some children are nowadays even forced to work during night shifts. It would affect their physical,mental,social,and moral growth. Children are forced to work due to lack of food,shelter and money. Today’s children are tomorrow’s nation. In certain society children are doing same as like what adult do. Govt should initiate certain solution to depress these problems like public awareness among adults,ascension of employment for adults,ensure children to learn education and most thing is to strictly restrict child labour in production and industrial sectors.

               Let’s hope a bright future for the upcoming generation.



Learning through research and hard work makes a person feel blessed. Because every person doesn’t have that intuition with them. So whoever  gets try to implement and gain profit out of it. Never sit ideal by saying ” my life is waste, nothing to do as so”. Learning doesn’t have an age limit. Starting from infant till saying bye to world, work hard. Take everything as challenge and bow  forward, will definitely win the game.


Ruskin Bond gifts fans his autobiography

15 Jun 2017, 09:46 am

Ruskin Bond

New Delhi: After enthralling readers for 60 long years with over a hundred novellas, short story collections, non-fiction and poetry, author Ruskin Bond now gifts his fans an autobiography — the longest book ever written by him. “Lone Fox Dancing”, published by Speaking Tiger and priced at Rs 599, allows the readers a peek into the life of the author who has penned many popular books such as “The Room on the Roof”, “Tales of Foster”, “The Blue Umbrella” and “The Night Train at Deoli”. Compelling and emotional, the autobiography is a page-turner. In 272 pages, the book spans 83 colourful years of Bond’s life when he ended up becoming one of India’s best known writers. Neatly divided into four parts, the autobiography elaborates the conventional life of Bond. It talks about Kasauli where he was born, his idyllic childhood in Jamnagar by the Arabian Sea where he composed his first poem, his boarding school days in Shimla and winter holidays in Dehradun and Delhi in the early 1940s where he found material for his first short story. “Almost everything I have written has been drawn from my own experiences, and in that sense, fragments of my autobiography are scattered everywhere in my novels, stories, essays and poems. But there is more imagination than truth in them,” Bond writes in his prologue. “An autobiography must stay closer to the truth — even though memory is unreliable and certain things must be disguised or omitted in order to avoid hurting people or embarrassing them unduly. So, this book is about how things happened to me — more or less. It is the story of a small man, and his friends and experiences in small places,” he writes. The bonus in the autobiography is 50 pictures of Bond, some never seen before. The book also talks about the phase when his parents got separated and he longed for companionship and security. He writes about the difficult four years that he had to spend in Britain from 1951 to 1955 and writing the classic novel “The Room on the Roof”. “The lone fox still dances occasionally, but at eighty-three he is not as agile as he used to be,” Bond writes in epilogue. “And it is late evening in Landour. A misty, apricot light suffuses the horizon. Down in the villages the apricots are ripening. A small boy brought me the fresh fruit this morning – still very sour, very tangy, but full of promise. And if apricots could take precedence over missiles, the world would be full of promise too. I’m afraid science and politics have let is down. But the cricket still sings on the window-sill,” he says. Bond has been living in a “shaky house” at the edge of a spur in Landour, near Mussoorie, for the last 36 years, surrounded by generous trees, elusive big cats, new friends and his adopted family. IANS

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