Child labour: A big offence

Child labour means the practice  of children below the age of 14 employing in various industries and production field. It’s really a serious social problem facing in almost every developing countries.  Children were used in various production and make profit out of it. The main 

objective behind is to increase the income of family and to minimise production cost of labours in various sectors. According to succession of law, an act was passed by U.K. govt namely “Factory Act”in 19th cen based upon child labour and declared that children below nine were not allowed to work in any field of production. But still there is no change anywhere. Some children are nowadays even forced to work during night shifts. It would affect their physical,mental,social,and moral growth. Children are forced to work due to lack of food,shelter and money. Today’s children are tomorrow’s nation. In certain society children are doing same as like what adult do. Govt should initiate certain solution to depress these problems like public awareness among adults,ascension of employment for adults,ensure children to learn education and most thing is to strictly restrict child labour in production and industrial sectors.

               Let’s hope a bright future for the upcoming generation.




Learning through research and hard work makes a person feel blessed. Because every person doesn’t have that intuition with them. So whoever  gets try to implement and gain profit out of it. Never sit ideal by saying ” my life is waste, nothing to do as so”. Learning doesn’t have an age limit. Starting from infant till saying bye to world, work hard. Take everything as challenge and bow  forward, will definitely win the game.